Jillian Pavlica Ramos


Jillian is a hardworking journalist with a passion for breaking news. Not only is she a reporter but she's worked in many different positions of a newsroom. Jillian will step in to any position in order to get the show on the air. Most recently, Jillian was the Morning Digital Content Anchor and Midday Anchor at WAAY-TV in Huntsville, Alabama.  She also served as the Morning Executive Producer. Wearing different hats is what makes Jillian standout from other journalists and she loves to be involved in the newscast. Jillian knows how to stay calm in high stress environments and give the viewers all the information they need. 

From researching an investigative piece, running audio, to teaching newer journalists, Jillian has overcome a lot of challenges and is a leader in any newsroom. Over the past few years, she's learned how to manage a younger staff and encourage the team to put on the best newscast. In turn, she's learned how to take those skills and be a better reporter. As the Digital Content Anchor, bringing viewers accurate, new information during 10 live hits a morning helped expand her knowledge of TV news. 

You probably will find Jillian on her phone most days. This self proclaimed "social media nerd" loves to interact with viewers and the community. She's reached thousands through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She also loves talking to people about the news or showing them behind the scenes through Periscope. 

Jillian is an all-around hard worker and an asset to any newsroom! She is passionate, aggressive and wants to bring the news that matters to the community.